Noble Action Holistic Development (NAHD) is an indigenous Non- governmental Ethiopian Residents Charity organization working on identified objective on its onset. The literal definition of Noble action in this context is just to mean “good deeds”. Noble Action holistic development as a charity organization would therefor represent an unconditional determination and a genuine attempt to understand needy groups need and try to access them with necessary assistance and support to meet their physical, material, psychological, spiritual and financial needs.

All People in general have some inclination towards religions. The Holy Bible in James 1:27 say “Religion that God/the creator accepts as pure and faultless is to look after orphans and widows…” The organization therefore, is founded “to serve most disadvantaged population groups specially children and women regardless of their ethnic background and religious affiliation”.


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Noble Action Holistic Development

Adama City Administration

Kebele 04, Adama, Ethiopiaa

Tel: +251-911491268